Here’s what my patients have said about my services:

"This is my pleasure to give reference to Snejana Stoleicov who has been our family acupuncture/massage/physiotherapy specialist for a number of years. She has been always at her best, figuring out the required treatment, mostly versatile, which suited our immediate individual needs. All along, she combined deep knowledge of the body muscles/tissues/bones/organs with superior work techniques and personal skills, incorporating her huge theoretical background and vast practical experience. She enjoys the highest degree of respect from all of us. We really miss her here in Toronto."

Viktor Lukyanchyk, TDSB teacher

"I started seeing Snejana when my right shoulder became stiff and painful due to spending a lot of time on the computer. Rotator cuff injury... It was difficult to sleep on the affected side or do house chores. The pain and not having a full range of motion affected my every day life. Snejana restored my range of motion, untangled my twisted and stiff muscles. I no longer feel like an invalid. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of medicine (she has a doctoral degree from her country of origin), she can identify the problem and use all the arsenal she has at her disposal (laser, acupuncture, massage) to combat the issue.

Snejana is exeptional at her massage therapy abilities and techniques.

I have used many massage therapists in my life, but no one came close to the knowledge and skills of Snejana. She cares about her patients. She is truly the best."

Alla, Toronto

"Snejana has gentle but strong hands that remove any pain. The best massage I have ever had in my life!"

Igor, Toronto

"Snejana is a very professional massage therapist. I have had only positive experience with her."

Mila, Toronto

"It's a great fun and pleasure to be under Snejana's hands!!!"

Daniel, Toronto